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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Karl Home, Hot In Texas!

Karl came home last Tuesday night from the hospital. He is very happy to be home, especially with Anika and I returning last Saturday from the cruise. We had a great time and I got a massage and a lot of rest. Thanks again to everyone who helped keep an eye on him for Anika and I while we were away. Karl is on break from treatment until September as he needs time to build up his strength and muscles. He didn't lose a lot of weight but has lost a lot of muscle. Last scans in the hospital showed things stable and shrinking/disappearing. It appears that the mass on his spine/back is not cancerous but a "pain in the back". He has enough pain meds at home to manage it and still be able to be active. He also is on lower dosages of steriods and anti siezure meds so no more shaking or studdering!
We hope to have a PT person coming in next week to work with him. He is almost back on a normal sleep schedule, working at home during the day. He even got up yesterday in time to say bye to Anika as she headed off for kindergarten. His appetite is growing and he's been snacking alot during the day. As usualy we are still pumping him with carrot and beet juices as well as protein shakes. His got his normal Karl sparkle back in his eyes and is already trying to find ways to get around his responsibilities in the house- I caught him playing his Soduko game today instead of lifting his 5lb arm weights! Anika is very happy to have him home and feeling well enough to play with her and do the bed time routine.


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